Presidential Race thus far..

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich…those are the only two I am interested in at this point…Fat chance, they make too much sense, but, either of these guys have good things to bring to the table. So much for insightful political punditry. 

Guiliani is totally creepy. 
Gravel, just too weird. 
Edwards…has potential…
Obama does too. 
Romney? Mormon..Sorry…no dice on that one. Mormons in general puzzle me..Assuming South Park got the summary right ( yes I have read up on the REAL story) I just can’t think that someone who believes this is capable of making intelligent decisions about our country.
Huckabee-Gotta look into this guy more, but, if he DID pardon a rapist..bad news. I simply do not categorize rape/brutalization/murder in the same league as drugs/theft/etc. Not Parole worthy.
The rest later..

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