Dead Bhutto, Stupids Foxes

So I never continued my presidential post..but, in my defense, no one is reading and I got depressed thinking about how FUCKED UP our presidential races are and have been. 

Tonight, Fox has announce that only the 5 ‘top tier’ Republican candidates are going to be in their next ‘debate’. Ron Paul of course is not included, even though he is polling HIGHER than 3 of the others ( McCain/Thompson/Guiliani). I just do not get it. What is happening here? We are moving towards a V for Vendetta scenario. When Nader was excluded before, I was furious, but I could even admit, he was an outsider. Ron Paul is a SITTING member of our government. The debates in Iowa pulled this same bullshit with Kucinich. To me, Paul and Kucinich are the TOP candidates. Obama figures in, but he has no where NEAR the experience of either of these two. 
So back to my previous rant…
Obama has charm, is very smart, but lacks experience on any issue or front. He is green. I DO think he can overcome this, and if the ticket comes down to him and one of the above mentioned ‘top tier’ republicans, my vote will go to him unless Kucinich is in it. Are we ready for a black president? Hell yes, if he/she  is the best candidate. Obama MIGHT be. He has the potential to be a solid leader. But, right now, I think we need someone who IS a great leader rather than someone who grows into it. I reserve the right to get BACK onboard with him if he dazzles me ( Dazzle me, Gil!)
Clinton? No. Just on…To many waffle, too much spin, too much of an old school insider, biz as usual type. Are we ready for a woman president? Hell yes, if she is the best candidate. Clinton is not.
Edwards? No. But, he could be a solid VP. He has had too many shots at the big game and failed to make it, and he seems naive to me.
Why do I find Guiliani creepy? He looks like a siding salesman, but, it is because of how he ACTS, more than looks. When he was laughing at Ron Paul, his body language was that of a sneaky, weasel-like person. I think he makes choices based on personal agendas rather than what is best, what is right. Maybe it is too much to hope or ask for, but he has nothing to offer as a leader in my opinion. Affairs, associations with lawyer..creepy/slimey, pick an adjective.
McCain?- Utmost respect for what the man has endured. Now go away. You have acted weird since the last time around, like you think you are OWED a presidential seat. We DO owe you. But I do not think you have all your oars in the water any longer. Respectfully, butt out.
Thompson? How or WHY is he even there?
Mitt Romney. I live in Michigan. Poorly run state. Romneys have been involved. Mitt appears to be elitist and thinking he is the incarnation of John F Kennedy. And, I am sorry, but I cannot think of a Morman as a leader. Dumb Dumb Dumb DUMB! ( South Park song, google it)
Huckabee? PARDONED a RAPIST. RAPE-IST. RAPE. What the FUCK was he thinking? He seems to be selectively mentally damaged….Great sometimes, but, very, very poor decision making skills in certain times…
More on this later..
Bhutto—Yikes…As if Pakistan was not fucked up enough. Now, this happens, and Al Qaeda is rumored to be claiming responsibility. Yippee…just what we need to add to the craziness of our upcoming elections…An out of control Nuclear Islamic state. Joy to the world…pass the Prayer Rug. RIP Bhutto.

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