And then there were three

A few month later, a forgotten Blog. Obama, Hillary and John. Yikes. Obama…

Seeing the Dalai Lama tonight in Ann Arbor. Ushering the event because I could not get tickets. Woke up tired and foggy after personal drama. Hope my head clears in time to gather some enlightenment.
Ben Stein is a an idiot. The more I hear of this movie ( which I shant invoke here) the more I think he peaked in Ferris Bueller. Any one pretending to know how we got here is at best getting a head of themselves. I don’t pretend to the know the answer, but, God whipping us up out of ether is not as convincing to me as a monkey thinking ‘man, I wish I could make a thing to get that fruit that I cannot reach…’ and changing accordingly.
I want someone to make a 30 mpg mini pickup truck. They used to. What happened? Or a Honda Fit El Camino edition. Carry 2 dirt bikes, or a bed sometimes, and pull 1000 pounds. Why is this so hard? Diesel? Yep. Hybrid? Yep. 
Run, Fat Boy, Run was a howl. See it.

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