And he says I don’t blog…

Noel Jackson says I don’t blog. The gauntlet has been tossed!

Farewell, My Subaru
is a very cool audio book I “read” yesterday. Check out the author’s ( Doug Fine)page. Learn about goats, solar power living, and general Gen X and rural hi jinx.

Should I buy a Canon G9 or stick with my ASeries point and shoot and my lady friends’ D40x?

Neither Noel or I devote enough time to music. We need to change this. Normally, this does involve buying a ‘thing’, but both of us have ‘things’ to make music with. Software/hardware/pots pans. But, that said, I am selling some of my things in an effort to get a new thing . This has the stuff my Novation Remote 25 has, plus the beat pads I wanted to have with the Akai MPD16 I bought that works about as well as …well…it won’t work via USB, and thus is useless in the way I want to use it.

You are NOT a rock star just cause you can kick ass on Guitar Hero, but you CAN bridge into being one by getting a REAL guitar cheap. Don’t get me wrong, I think Guitar Hero is a blast, as is Rock Band, and I very much see them as a gateway into being a RealMusician. But, until you build the bridge and spend some time in the woodshed, you are still a gamer with some newly gained old school music knowledge.

Lastly for now, I saw Rush again last week ( 9th time I think) but the first time in 15 years! And, the boys did not disappoint. My fave little silly thing was Li’l Rush. I love South Park, and I love Rush. Thanks to Vic Bechard, who dropped the free ticket on me AND provided a ride downtown. Awesome.


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