Dogs are awesome.

Dogs are awesome, but much more like having a kid than a pet. I had the best dog I have ever owned, Pooh, my Golden Retriever. I am thinking about getting another, but remain undecided. Then I find this pic. ( insert awww noises).

My house, is a work in process. Recently, new appliances were purchased. I have been getting them installed little by little. New new washer is AMAZING. Maytag Epic series, front loader, high efficiency. Quiet. Very quiet. Dryer, is not going so well. Today, I am off to Lome Depot for another round of ” I need this thing”. Target is to have the new one in by days end, and the old one out for donation. Oh, and it supposedly uses 7-12 gallons of water vs. the old one which uses 44-52 gallons! Yeah us!

So now, I am off work for nearly 2 weeks. Lots of house stuff to. New appliances are the first, porch work, yard work. I guess this is what a stay-cation is.

Lately, career wise, things are kind of weird. I like what I do, but who I do it for is really under my skin. I feel in limbo, yet have not had too much luck getting a new gig. Evaluating new strategies is what I am going to spend part of my time on now. Happily, I found this link to get me rolling. Brief, pointed. Can’t hurt.

Tiny blurb on Wind Turbines. Love em. Learning more, start here at Tangarie’s site. You know, this seems simple enough. Tax Credits, rebates, lots of solar and wind, less dependence. Guess it is too simple for our government to get behind.

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