7 Things You Cannot Say in the Afterlife

Carlin is gone. Moment of silence. Onwards. No link needed, all ready covered by others.

So, I FUCKING HATE people who speed down my street. Yes, that is an F Bomb. My street is about 700 feet long, dead end, and multiple jerks from several houses at the end of the road seem to think that going 45 instead of 25 will save them time. Wrong. Because, if I am out there, I am going to waste at least 2 minutes of their time bitching at them when they come back by. Tonight, dilwad does about 40 in his Grey F-150 WITH empty boat trailer down my road. Dilwad comes backs. I jog to the road and ask ‘ Did you get your trailer back on time? He says ‘yes’. I say ‘Good, Jackass”. He drove off slowly. 1 Little Victory. He’ll probably shoot me later, but it is all logged here:)

Last night, Pichu, the small brown Guinea Pig technically owned by my youngest son joined George Carlin. This greatly upset my son. Stupid disposable pets. Mom bought them. That is her job, complicating peoples lives. There, it is said. One down, one to go. (talking about the guinea pigs:)

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