The House From Hell

My House…one thing after another. Today, after moving in the new, kick-ass stove yesterday, the garage door broke. Goodie. Now, I cannot get the bikes out ( I am on vacation) and cannot move the old appliances in. Repair people coming tomorrow. ChChing for them.

Korg came out with some new music coolness today in the form of super compact USB based music controllers.

I watched a show (title escapes me at the moment) on the Honey Bee disappearance problem a few days ago ( deals with colony collapse disorder and that plugged into an article I read on Sustainablog on growing your own food. Just got me thinking, no bees, no local or shipped food. Moral- Bees are important. Don’t squish them. Einstein said (ish) ‘ Mankind will be extinct 3 years after the disappearance of the honeybee”

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