Holy crap- June is OVER

I have no idea where the last week went.

My lovely lady friend, Susan ( who is an angel) was off the past few days, we were doing stuff. After getting the House From Hell Garage Door fixed, we relaxed, and bought a puppy from this place. Ours is the runt male, whom we have name Finnegan ( from where, Xer/Boomer Detroiters?) and he is totally mellow, happy and good so far. I am sure that will change, but he is adorable.

I gotta subscribe to Make Magazine. Seriously, they have amazing things inside. I have not found it locally on the newstand, but it seems like most stores carry 100 variants of People, 100 Variants of Maxim, and the rest is more dreck.

iPhone pricing plans are out, the video demo has been released, and people are grumbling. So what. They are still gonna sell like mad. After getting an eNv2 (it’s going back)last week from Verizon, I am more convinced than ever that the iPhone is going to become the Windows XP of cell phones. I only say XP cause I cannot think of a piece of hardware that is going to dominate like I think the iPhone will. All other PDA phones look antiquated by comparison.

Where the hell is Tom and Bridgettes’ baby already?

Noel is taking the wedding plunge on Saturday. Cups up my man.

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  1. It is pretty crazy that June is already over. The summer always flies by.

    Hopefully the baby is coming soon, at this point we are starting to question the due date. She is measuring like she may not actually be due for another week or so.

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