Google takes candy from babies

Google ap-parent-ly forgot to check to see how much their day care plan for employees was costing them, and screwed the pooch in the light of the media on this one. I tend to think that great companies are great because of how they handle adversity when things are looking down a bit rather than up, and given Googles’ golden child ride, they really need to watch how they handle future ‘cuts’. The internet is a fickle place, and they can tumble from the penthouse with a few misplaced actions. Pissing off parents is a fast track to it. Maybe Sergey and Larry should read this article and parse some ideas.

Speaking of parents, welcome Amelia Rose!

Noel and Stephanie are now married, in what was, the most touching ceremony I have seen in the most idilic settting I have ever seen. I’d link to her page, but I am thinking it is coming down to be revised with new names and info:).

After not using it for YEARS, the first time I plug my guitar into my macbook and fire up garageband, it promptly crashes three times in a row. WTF?

I am Learning French pretty much in the event that McCain wins..I am up to pre-schooler as of tonight. Et vous?

Off for a 2nd shot of attempted sleep. Bon’scott (DDDDC)

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