Black and White

TO: Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

FROM: America


Both of you have done more harm than good. Please go away.

Off topic rant- Every time someone farts near a black man, these 2 have to stick their 2 cents in and decry it. You point out the fart, contain it, map out the area it dispersed to, speculate on Nightline as to the dietary contents of the smell the fart generated and then assign guilt for the fart on what is usually a Caucasion American such as ” He saved that fart up and gave it to the black man” or ‘while that fart was released in a general area, in a general direction, the fact that a black man smelt it does not indicate that he dealt it, but rather, was the target of the dealing.”

Back on target- Besides being blowhards and having media contacts ( and a couple of admittedly funny cameos on SNL) , I really do not know what these two have accomplished that make them the de-facto spokesperson(s) for African Americans. Elder Jackson states he wants to ‘cut Obama’s nutts off’. If Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obama’s nutts off, he is out of luck, cause unless he stands on Al Sharptons’ shoulders, and Sharpton stands on a ladder, Obama’s nutts hang far too high for these two idiots to reach. In case they wanna give it a try, I think OJ has a knife stashed you can use. At least Jackson’s son has brains. (Too bad his web site is a template from 1991.)

Obama is a well spoken, intelligent American who happens to be black ( or African American). Sharpton and Jackson, you had your shot, now SHUT UP, get out of the way and let Barrack be what you could not, a SMART AMERICAN leader. I am enthused that the guy should be our next President, and I don’t care if he is purple or polka dotted. ALL (!!) Americans need a good leader. God knows that the one we have now is about as bright as one of those battery operated Cymbal Clanging Monkey toys. Please do not soil Obama any more with further involvement from you. Lets not make this election about race. Lets make it about intelligence, thoughtfullness, leadership and goals that center on what is best for America, black, white and all colors inbetween or outside the spectrum.

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