New Yorker Cartoons’ main problem

Yeah, I know, I am empowering ‘them’ by writing more about them.

I saw the cartoon.

It was not funny. It was not humorous. It was not satirical. It was simply stupid.

Satire is crisp and sharp. It has bite, and the bite comes from hidden truth, or hidden lies dragged into the light for all to see.

Humor hits something within a target group that the reader/viewer can relate to and find laugh at.

Funny is the result of humor, and laughter is the result of funny.

New Yorker, this is one of the stupidest cartoons I have seen. Much of what you publish strikes me as well drawn but not very funny, much thought about but not very satirical, and pretty much equates with pseudo high-brow filler for aging conservative frat boys to post on their locker at the polo club and chuckle about over high balls.

So what happens now? Obama will spin it to his favor. New Yorker will likely wander aimlessly along, not getting it that they do not get it. Oddly, I find that funny.


The real news today is that the U.N. is pulling more peacekeepers out of Darfur. Few in American government seem to give a shit about black people dying ( and thinking of it, remember Katrina?) until a movie comes out with a black actor they ‘like’ in it. 10 years from now, when someone makes a nice hollywood movie in HD with a running time of 1 hour and 48 minutes and a Peter Gabriel song over the closing credits, someone might care. I honestly do not have any ideas on what will work, but I KNOW we as a country could be taking a leadership role in making something happen that keeps people from being killed. Read about one survivor here.

How many people have to be killed to make something dramatic happen? I find myself wondering, what if this was all going down in Toledo OH? What if people from Cleveland were driving into Toledo and all the little communities around and just machine gunning, hacking and raping people? I could take this analogy further (flawed though it is) , but really, you are all smart enough to get it. People here would freak. F-R-E-A-K. It would be stopped. Guess what? There are more people KNOWN dead in Darfur than currently live in Toledo. Guess what else? Statistically, Toledo = Ann Arbor times 4. I wish I had a nice closing line, but I don’t. Darfur ( and other situtions like it) drive me crazy. I don’t know if sending money is just a way for us to fill the hole in our soul when we read these about these hopeless, terrible events and I am certainly not one to tell people what to send money to ( screw that, yes I am:). If you are inclined to look into helping, start here.

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  1. I love reading your rants! You make great sense, you re a very talented writer… and your positions on these issues make me proud that you’re my nephew.

    You rock! And.. you kick serious ass.


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