And July is over

Yikes again.

I don’t know where the summer goes.—–2 weeks of thoughts compressed into—-

Steve Jobs=Sick, none of our business, Apple still rocks, but because of AT and T, I am still on Verizon, and thus the (surprisingly happy) new owner of a Crackberry 8830. Dropped a 4gb card into it, and am thus far impressed. Call quality is very good, speaker is loud, some features I cannot figure out just yet, but overall, not too bad. Still not an iPhone, but close enough for now. And the Blackberry is tested and easy to activate:)

GM Employees lose health care benefits and are offered $300 per month to shop for benefits. That will be plenty, assuming they move out of the US to Panama. National Health care RELIEVES the burden of health care costs for companies and free employees to LEAVE and start new companies. If we had this, GM retirees would not be stressing, and GM would be forced to make cuts where it NEEDS to, at the top level salaries, not where it is easiest ( retirees).

When relatives die, who takes care of the headstones? Apparently, me.

Randy Pausch, thank you. I will do my best. We are diminished without you here.

Little men with guitars for sale should watch what they say and who they say it too or else they will end up dead or in jail. Lucky I am in a transitional period.

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