I give on daily updates

Stupid motorcycle person..’Never raced-Pants full of holes

So another month is a blur. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

In the past month, my ex-wifes’ husband Jim died, tragically, stupidly, and unexpectedly. Guy had his problems, but he was good my son when he was around him. I wish him peace.

My cousin/Uncle Jack Duvall died. 75 years old, fathered 6 children, plus 2 more who died in infancy. He was preceded in death by his sons Greg ( 30) and Dennis ( 34), both of whom I knew well as as kid, and both of whom were very nice guys, as was Jack.

My Aunt Sharon died of congestive heart failure. I last saw her at my Mimi’s ( French for Grandmother) funeral. She said ‘ I’ll probably never see you again. Unfortunately, she was correct. She was always nice to me, and we made each other laugh.

Lastly, my lady friends’ daughter and boyfriend were attacked, and in the scuffle, her daughter was stabbed, luckily in a non lethal, easy healing place. Police, many times, are f-ing retards, but then again, I was not there. But, suffice to say, dude jumps me, and has the luck to get me down, he will not walk away if I have a knife. He will bleed to death on top of me. Law of the jungle. He started it, and right now is walking around whining about his injury. He should be in the ground and one of the three people above should have gotten another day or two of life.

Today, and many days, I really miss having a motorcycle.
All of a sudden, the past month, I am really missing flying as well. Especially the taildraggers.

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