Patience, Grace, Anger and Frustration

Long post, grab a beverage and get comfy. Been awhile, but, I been busy at work.

What is your reason for voting for John McCain? Please tell me that it is not because he is a war hero. Please tell me it is not because he is Republican. Please tell me it is not because Sarah Palin is a ‘mom’. We all have our own reasons, but please, if you are gonna vote for McCain, at least have the courtesy to have a reason that involves thought that has expanded beyond the confines of a bumper sticker or t-shirt.

And to to back it up, here are some of my reasons for Barack Obama. He is intelligent, articulate, and one of the only politicians I have seen run that has a consistency that is above and beyond the opposition in what he says and does. I admire his early life, what he was given and what he has done with it, and that he seems to be able to really stick with an idea, while allowing them enough room to breath and evolve. I like his choice of Joe Biden, mostly for the reasons he chose him for. There is an old Lee Iacocca quote that is something like ‘surround yourself with the smartest people you can’. True leaders know they cannot know everything. True leaders have humility, and know when to seek counsel. True leaders then make decisions based on the best interests of the group they lead, after taking input from the smartest people they can find. I very much see Obama building this ‘decision tree’ and using it to the advantage of the American people. I also see him as someone who is capable of not being afraid to tell them they are wrong, and make a tough decision on his own. I am hopeful that people will vote him into office, but I am getting more scared given the patently stupid comments I am hearing about why people are choosing McCain. You want to choose him? Fine. But back that up with some thinking. Stop polishing your guns, turn off Nascar, and out away your drilling maps (sorry-had to toss in some stereo types for fun). Sit down and write a list of things you want improved in this country. Make a list of what you think you know about McCain and Obama. Now go research them. Now look and see who is closest to your desires. Be honest. Vote accordingly. When talking in public, use these reasons, not the ones above that I keep hearing.

Now, the title for this post comes from a variety of things.

Patience is for work. We have no computers to give people who are in urgent need. They get frustrated, and I must try to be patient with them and empathize with their frustration, because, as silly and lazy as 30% of them are, most are there for the right reasons to do the right thing.

Grace ( or graceful) is how I feel about myself when dealing with a long time problem issue in a new way. May it continue.

Anger is for the idiocy that continues to consume the American media, and the people who do not get that the United States is at a turning point, maybe the most important since the Vietnam War. It is not just about the election, but about how we fundamentally survive and move forward as a country. We need health care, now. We need more money for schools, less money for Georgia. We need to quite teaching to the f-ing MEAP and teach to the kids as our teachers are trained to do. We need jail for the people writing mortgages to people making 30K a year and double financing their houses. We need the JOBS that a country wide top down push into alternative energy will provide us. Wind turbines have to be built. We can build them. Let us. Solar panels need to be installed. We can install them. There are a myriad of bio fuels. Screw big oil, and let communities build fuels stations. Give us tax incentives to drive this growth, and we promise, you will get jobs back, you will get taxable earnings back, and you will get increased consumer confidence when people dig out of the high debt loads now and start to rebuild and purchase again. Give us fast track solution to allow our auto makers to OWN the hybrid vehicles market.These things make me angry not just because they exist as problems, (many with solutions so simple), but because so many people seem BLIND to their existence. America is gifted at coming up with solutions to tough problems, but now we seem to be stuck sitting on our hands because big corporate has to own all innovation, and the government plays right into it. Look into it. Learn enough to get angry and start writing.(I’ll probably edit this later so it flows more, but, I needed to get it down and out of me.)

Frustration comes after all in the form of things not getting better, and knowing that when they do, it will not be fast enough for some.

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