The week I had….not to be wished on any.

A year or so ago, I watched Serenity and was blown away. I am a very picky Sci-Fi viewer. There is little SciFi I have not watched, and this one just slipped by me. Silly little things like plausibility are important to me. Now, I am watching the first Season on HULU ( which is awesome if you have not tried it.) and even more impressed. No sound in space. Ever. How many other shows before it MISSED this detail? If you have not watched Firefly OR Serenity, do, both. You do not need to watch the season to get the movie, but, it will make it flow better.

Mac vs. Pc. PC vs. Mac. Unless you are a gamer, or need a very specific software package to earn a living, Macs ( rather OSX) blow PC’s away now. I have been using computers hard for 20 years, starting on an Amiga. I use what works best, and right now, the more I bounce between the 2 systems, the more I am impressed with OSX. At work, we are moving towards getting hundreds of new machines.. Ease of use, ease of deployment, ability to run multiple OS’s, energy efficient, BEAUTIFUL, longer life cycle than Windows OS ( Vista is already a stop gap it has failed so bad) and FREE licensing on serer products with hardware purchase!! It is SO frustrating. People are tired of having an operating system that acts like a retarded little brother, telling you every time it goes WEE, asks questions when you are concentrating, distracts you with inane blather. ( The system has applied updates restart now? Would you like to cleanup your desktop?) The Bill Gates ads with Seinfeld sucked. The replacement ads are better, but still suck. Does Windows Vista suck that bad? No more than a Ford does compared to a BMW. They both get you on the road, but one has little style, little character, 1/2 ass engineering, 2nd rate options and terrible resale. The other has damn near the best of everything, but costs a little more up front. A poor man can only afford the best. Choose wisely.


  1. On the metaphor: A BMW will also cost more down the road. Parts and labor are more on most euro cars. The hope is they don’t need repair as much.

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