Elmer F.U.D. (or a Looney Ramble)

No offense to my favorite bald melon-headed hunter, but Elmer FUD ( yes I know it is FUDD) is the only thing I think of reading this latest Bush warning. But, it looks like this time, it is all for real. 700 Billion dollars. There are 11 zeros there, folks. We cannot give health care for kids at 7 Billion. Too expensive. 10 Billion a month in Iraq? P-shaw. Chicken feed.


The last time I saw a number that was this long, it was on the title of one of the worst movies I have ever sat through. And hell, the number just seemed longer cause it sucked so bad…Turns out it only had 5 zeros.

The conventional idiot politician (un) wisdom is that this is still from the sub-prime mortgage situation. Duh. Why did they let it happen? What did we as voters miss? Why did so many people sign up for this? Watch for the resurgence off the new Cash Economy. Assuming our cash has any value after all this. Might be time to start buying powdered milk and shotgun shells.

I do not pretend to understand all the financials behind this. But, it seems like the “spend more than you have practice” is catching up with all of us in one way or another.

Using more gas than you need and driving too large a car?..Woops…

Finance your house for more than it is worth? Woops.

I guess aside from the continuation of the Bush ‘keep em scared tactics’, which seem to have conjured into real reasons to be scared now, we have to find a way to move away from the idiot politician wisdom, and into the realm of what we know is right, but seldom do, know what is the correct path, but seldom take. Time for hard choices, not easy money. Should be an interesting year. All of us have a lot of learning to do.

Watching McCain respond and then watching Obama respond is like a ‘Goofus and Gallant‘ comic strip. McCain, stiff and blinking like he is still in the POW camp sending message home ( blink blink- hole cold, please send hay,-blink –hate rice,blink blink-any spare blink blink-IQ points you have). Stopping his campaign to work on ‘the economy’ which translates into ‘get my stock moved into something of value’ or ‘the United State needs a break from that huge ball of SUCK I call a campaign”. Obama called some heavy hitters, got advice, and commented after gathering facts. McCain just shot his mouth off. He’d make a great follow up to Bush. We cannot let that happen.


  1. Bush is hijacking our economy to get Mccain elected with FEAR as the main tactic. We as the Middle Class people, the people who are supposedly “Thee Government” are supposed to somehow feel sorry that CEOs and other Bush cronies are not making billions and billions of dollars, so WE are the ones who have to bail them out!
    It is becoming more and more clear everyday that passes by that Barack Obama is the only leader that this nation has left. The only leader who is the most accurate representation of the diversity that WE-ALL-TOGETHER share, in one person. It is the Republicans who are making Barack Obama look like a Messiah with every move they make.

  2. If you “do not pretend to understand all the financials” behind the Treasury submitted legislation why do you write about it?

    The gov’t is not giving any money away! 700 billion is just an authorization. It does not mean the Treasury will spend 700 billion but if it did it would be to buy assets. These assets have a value but right now the private marketplace is unable to create a market for them. These are high yeilding assets and the gov’t will purchase them for a price well below par value. The benefit to the financial institutions is that they will be able to stay alive…barely alive. If these financial institutions continue to fail our economy is ruined. So the choice is A) Failed economy or B) Gov’t buys some assets that it might have to hold until maturity and at the worse might break even on the investment in these assets.

    Please read the US Treasury Fact Sheet at http://www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/hp1150.htm

  3. CFA- I write about it because I can, and while I do not understand every detail, I do have a strong grasp on the numbers. Fair enough points you make though, and just as I can write, you can certainly reply. I will read that link later as well. If you re-read what I posted, I did not say it is not needed now. I just do not agree how it is being done.I guess the thing that gets me is how quickly the government can always find money for things they deem important, but cannot find it for he things the citizens are screaming for.

    Awesome airport, btw. I used to fly out of Noah’s Ark in Parkville, MO. Taildragger, Cessna 140. Always wanted a Tiger Moth replica!

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