Health Care, McCain and Obama

Without getting into the Walter Mitty gritty of Obama or McCain’s plan, just consider this idea…

We, the American people, should get health insurance equal to that of our Senators and elected officials. If we pay taxes, we get this insurance. If they do not want to give it to us, and want us to pay for it, so be it, but it can cost no more than the tax credit we are allowed. If we do not pay taxes, then there has to be some minimal coverage for all. And just in case you are wondering, illegals should NOT get these benefits.

Health care is crippling our economy. People do not start businesses because of the health care they lose from their current employers. We remain slaves to what in general is a poor health care plan, but it is “a” plan. Small employers get raked over the coals if they want to offer a good plan, and if they pay for a good plan, they go no tax relief, so they offer the cheapest plans, not the best. If we had some way to get health care that is at least as good as that of our senators, people would quit jobs they hated. They would start doing something they loved, freeing up the positions they left for someone who wanted it. They would inject the economy with new businesses, and the potential for each one of these businesses to grow, add employees, pay taxes, and spend. Small existing employers could get their employees on this plan, save money, and add emplyee retention, letting them grow rather than job hop in the search of good benefits.

It just is not that damn hard. Obamas plan is here. McCains’ is here

Anytime ‘tax credit’ is tossed out, I get worried. Will you have to itemize? The deductions now border on ridiculous to get any money back as a deduction. You must exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income to get a deduct. That is a big number and the deduct is not one to one dollar wise. And McCain wants the ‘credit’ to go right to the insurance company, cutting you ( the taxpayer) out of the loop, complicating changes to it.

More than the economy, health care coverage is going to define our country for the coming years. Health care is keeping our auto companies down, killing innovation and growth, and draining the saving of the sick in the USA. Keep your eye on the ball folks. we are in the home stretch, and Obama is the one who offers a solution that is workable. McCains’ plan is useless, good old boy double speak rhetoric.

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