Of course they flew their private jets down…

Big three CEOs. Silly people. Who is sillier? Brad D. Sherman. I think Sherman’s comments are ridiculous. ‘Raise your hand if you flew commercial?” . I think there is a higher portion of the government staff that do stupid things than the auto guys. They have the jets for a reason. They need to be places, on time.Comes with the territory. If they wanted to appear frugal, maybe they could have shared a jet down, but really, who cares at this point?

Has any one said anything about the Wall Street people getting perks? No. Lets make GM/Ford and Chrysler the whipping boys for the anger people over the banking issues.

Are they auto companies blameless? No. but, they have been scrambling for the past few years, and are on the cusp of turning lemons into lemonade. To give an air of frugality when their companies are on the ropes is assinine. The jets are already purchased. What is Sherman whining about, fuel cost? Does he think the gas money saved is gonna help them?

The car companies need help. If they go under, the impact to the United States is unfathomable. Our state ( Michigan) will be crushed. Suppliers will go down, and everything tied to manufacturing will go down. Of all the money being spent on all the things that Bush and company have cut checks for, it seems to me they need to cut this one check, this one time. If the big three cant’ make it after that, end of story.

Posturing and making grandiose gestures like ‘lambasting’ the CEO’s for flying jet is stupid. STFU, break off the funds, and move on.

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