Merlin Mann is a Dick…

but he is also funny as hell, and pretty smart. Check out his new Amazon page. Merlin is a razors’ edge user/guru/pundit. Many know him from 43folders. I knew him first from him popping up on Leo LaPortes’ many podcast that I listen to, and many times, being a dick to Andy Inhatko (Merlin frequently chants “that’s  straw man to Andy…Andy is usually right, FWIW, as Merlins’ logic with Andy has more to do with Merlin not liking Andy because he is ‘fluffy’). Merlin does not seem to ever come off of ‘eleven’ on the ‘rip you up’ calibrator, but I swear to god, I have almost wrecked my car listening to the You Look Nice Today podcast. He gets these Richard-esque, off the cuff, arrogant as hell riffs rolling, and I start out thinking, ‘what a DICK’, but by the time he finishes, I am dying laughing, realizing he is right, and agreeing with him. Impressive Jedi Fu he has. For a Dick.


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