New punishment. Acid Bath

After not blogging for so long, I opened my wordpress account while linking to the story of a mother, murdered in Ohio, while trying to to SAVE her 4 year old from being RAPED.

Seeing this, reading this, knowing that this man will receive a TRIAL. I cannot get my head around it. Killing this guy, getting him OFF the planet is a civil service.

There needs to be a basic flowchart to our crime and punishment system. At the highest, most immediate levels of punishment for crimes are those crimes committed against children, women and the elderly. I have said before, which ever flavor of god you believe has promised to judge, but this person deserves to be executed. Right now. This afternoon, just drop him into a vat of acid, like the Gotti hit man did.

Today, thinking I was going to post something positive about the new year, I find myself so f*cking angry at this tragedy I do not even now how to process it accept to address it here.

Parents struggle to raise their kids, work, keep them safe, and these people come crawling out of their hole and dash everything that was the promise of the lives of a mother and her child.

These are the things that happen that start me HOPING their is a g*d, there is an afterlife, etc, only to help bring some peace to this mother, and to calm the spirit of this poor child. I know that when I calm down, I with think there is a cycle to this, how to handle it, etc. I know that snuffing this guy out really does not solve the problem retroactively…but, it sure sounds good when you are sickened and enraged as I am by what he did.

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