Joe Nocera is a Douche

Joe Nocera, Executive Suite Writer for the New York Times, is not my favorite person. Steve Jobs is not my favorite person, but, he is a personal and public Tech Hero. I have always thought he was a pompous ass, but also, I think he is freaking brilliant. And now, he is sick, like, as in might be dying sick. Not that this is news to anyone on the planet, but his admittance of it means to me no matter what, it has rattled him. Guess what?


If he croaks, which I don’t want, he croaks. Apple makes great products, and Steve is the catalyst behind their resurgence. Him being gone is not the end of Apple, however….

So, Joe…Drop it…Steve has a right to privacy. He has not legal or moral obligation to fully disclose ANY illness until he is dead, and at that point, he will have iSteve do it for him via SSH from wherever he lands.

Steve, heal up. We need you, if for no other reason than to flame this turd.

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