Too much crap

I have decided, or maybe rather, reached enlightenment regarding the fact that I have too much crap. And, I am not talking about biomass, though there are those who would argue that point as well. I am talking about stuff, things, possessions, gear, swag, shit. There is a Carlin skit about this which is brilliant. So, today, I am taking a baby step towards a reduction in crap. I am downsizing my computer bag. While looking through it last night, I realized that there are 4 things total in it I have used in the past 60 days. Everything else is being offloaded to a 2nd crap bag that I can carrying in my car, but not on my back and shoulders. This should have the net effect of giving me a bit more pep, and allow me to spend less time searching THROUGH the crap to find the 4 things I use.

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