Holy crap Batman, that last post was LONG.

Last post? Yowch. Sorry, but health care is a major subject with me…Short and sweet..

I want a new Camaro. It makes no sense, but it is the only car I have lusted after for a long, long time. And us running out of fuel and all. Sheesh. Gun Metal Gray, SS Auto. Fuck the v-6. If I am gonna burn fossil fuels, I need to outrun the greenies.

I need to sell some of my guitars and get one of these.

My sons’ insulin pumps came last Friday. They are very cool, very high tech, and will keep them from being poked 5-6 times a day. Rough math, my eldest son has had at LEAST 26, 280 injections since being diagnosed. Yes, you read that right. That all being said, it is kind of making me a nervous wreck to change over from the known to the unknown treatment.


  1. I really dig them as well.

    hmm….I think even with the V6 putting out over 300hp (for a nice price) you could still outrun the Prius in your driveway. But the SS schweet! You should have come to Camaro Fest.

    Automatic? You are going to get made fun of for that. And you get less power with the auto.

    An SS/manual/convertible is where I would be in love.

  2. Yeah….Auto saves my old knees…I don’t think there is a speed penalty actually..the new Vette auto is FASTER than the stick. Convertible would be my choice too…I had a 67 RS with a 350 back in the day…

    The Prius is still cooler than my Fit…nicer ride, better mileage, more toys…But, the Fit IS faster..:)

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