Any illusions I had of fame have faded….

You know, 10-15 years ago, if people had been told they could have access the to entire world as a potential reader/subscriber/income source, everyone would have freaked, and thought what an easy way to make a living…Well, now that my on again off again blog is sporting an average of a whopping 5 hits a day, I feel compelled to tell all 5 of you that I will need to charge you each $25,000 a month…unless you can get me some more readers and lower your share…I kid…I’m a kidder…

Brief catch up…..Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are still assclowns, Obama needs to get on the stick or the assclowns are gonna rip this thing back into their court (come on B, go watch the American President or somethign..get fired up…!), and we still seem compelled to watch Lindsey Lohan instead of watching the Age of Stupid, acting on climate issues, acting on health care, acting on our eroded job base, retracting our forces to defend our LAND not our oil interests, etc, etc. And so it goes. There is more, but I digress…

Oh, I no longer want a Camaro…I traded the Honda for a Prius, got an amazing deal due to the media instilling the fear of run away cars powered by hamster motors..(I’ll just open the door and drag my foot)..and I love the damn thing….comfy, quiet and 51.5 mpg. I bought a new camera instead and take pics of sexy cars…then I get in my Greeny car and drive home happy.

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