All the good domain names have long been taken…

What is left...

After a lousy week at work, where progress was made and is being made…err…I digress…I spent some time thinking about again formalizing my consulting business as a domain, web tie in, etc. After searching the first 15 or so I came up with, learning they had all been taken, I started just popping in silly things, finding that many of THOSE were registered…This one was not.

I do not know if it is possible for a brain to ache like a knee or back, but I am pretty sure my brain aches. As does my knee. Older is not good in many ways. If I get another ache or pain, do I get to hang a special license plate on my ass? “Michigan Historical Human”…

Today, a jackass in a Super Duty Ford Diesel was in front of me with a ‘I love my huge carbon footprint’ sticker on the tailgate. Now, I love trucks, but there is no need to be a dick about it.

Pre-sweetener tea is for losers. 😛 ….you know who you are.

Halo Reach is a hell of a lot of fun, mostly because it makes my son and I laugh our butts off by offing each other in silly ways.  The new graphics are not bad either.

Guster is playing the Royal Oak Music Theater soon. No fucking seats…and by that, I mean, there are tickets, but there are NO FUCKING seats. Standing. All night. Guess where I am not going?

Yom Kippur makes me miss my friend in Israel.

I am amazed at how many people run network wire and do not understand that if you cut the sheathing, the copper ( an excellent conductor) becomes a BIG FUCKING ANTENNA and bleeds shit onto your network.

Camera Lens’ confuse me. I am a 28 ish mm wide, but I also want a 300mm F4 prime with a 1.6 III extender. I don’t know why, I mean I do,  but I am having DREAMS about camera lens’ at night.

My dog pissed me off this week by eating an entire loaf of organic $4 a loaf bread off the counter as it thawed, but I still love him. He is cute as hell and makes me smile.

Dear NFL, Fuck you. You have ruined the game. The Lions call was just a brutal reminder to me of why I have backed off so hard on the religion of football. I can’t stand it anymore. too many flag pulls and stoppages of play. It is like watching 2 marching bands perform for 4 hours, playing one song, one measure at a time with a lunch break in between each measure. Between this and the perfect game boner by the MLB refs, I am starting to think organized sports refs are in cahoots with Bin Laden.

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