Hey congress, what the FUCK? Pass Unemployment extensions. NOW. Right. The. Fuck. NOW.

Sometimes, an F-BOMB is the only verbal option short of a guttural, primal scream. Although I want to believe that most people in congress are good, I just can’t anymore.  Our citizens, who congress purports to SERVE, All these people are asking for is a subsistence payroll. While we offshore, outsource, tax shelter, bailout the legal entities known as corporations, the entities known as people are sliding further and further down the standard of living scale. I know more people at this point in my life by far than at ANY other period who are not only unemployed, but cannot find ANY work, even menial, low pay jobs. Nothing.

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  1. seriously. Having been recently unemployed they are vital, though the last time they renewed it the extra $10/week it adds to unemployment made us ineligible for food stamps. Go figure.

    The rest of the deal is total BS.

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