What is it that employers fear?

Today I read that posting about Wikileaks can harm your employ-ability potential.

Why is it that it seems that more than any time that I can remember., free thought and free speech are ‘bad’, opinions are ‘bad’… Dissent? Bad. Criticism? Bad.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt ( FUD) are rampant. If you are one who is a seed planter, dropping little thought bombs while abusing your position in say, a management consultation company, beware. This trend will not last. This is still America. Fear mongers will be ousted, and the tables will turn. Do I agree with the stuff Wikileaks is releasing? No. I think some of it is legitimate espionage, but, I also do not like the way it is being handled, and while we are dumping engery into trying to put this genie back in the bottle, unemployment extensions are stagnant, jobs are stagnant (hint..no offshore tax breaks, increases tax revenue and adds jobs.), national health care is getting attack by the right ( I don’t even consider them Republicans any more) and the malaise of the populous continues…

Hell, I think there is a third party in Washington, and while I don’t want to give it a name, the symbol should be a double ended dildo, because it is fucking both the Donkey and the Elephant. I digress.

People should be allowed to say what they want as long as others are not infringed upon. Inside or outside work, and if people want to give an opinion on Wikileaks, so be it. There should be no retaliation or judgment. People getting offered jobs should be based on whther or not they can do the job and are suited to your company…That’s it. Simple. Everyone knows a jerk at work that they cannot stand, but you work with them. The melting pot means we retain our ability to have individual thought and action, but are still able to get along.

Here is something pretty to clear your head…

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