Why do I need a prescription?

My sons are Type 1 Diabetic. This means, for the duration of their lives until a cure is found, they need insulin to live. Insulin, to them, is life support. Insulin is not a cure, but a means of keeping them alive until a cure is found.

Why then, do they (or I) need to see a doctor OR get a prescription to buy insulin? The fact that they need it has been established. The word NEED means it is not optional, i.e. they WILL die without it. The federal government is tracking how much Claritin D I buy with my drivers license. Why can they not establish permanent ‘right to buy’ for insulin? Here is the scenario- I go in to refill a script for Novalog. The pharmacy cannot dispense it because the prescription is out of refills. They call the doctor. The Doctor says ‘we will give you a refill, but we need to see them soon”. Why?” I understand that a doctor wants to check on your insulin therapy, to correct dosages, etc, but why the dependency on the visit to GET the drug? It is FUCKED.

The older I get, the less patient I am becoming regarding the lame ass excuses I hear from politicians and people on ‘why’ we do not have universal health care. The reason is, for both my question on prescriptions AND universal health care is that the lobbyist for ‘insurance’ agencies own Washington. At some point, and we are very close to it now, the system is going to break, and people are going to demand logical, even application of basic domestic social policies. Health care should be a RIGHT given the United States’ position as the richest country in the world, a ‘nation builder’, and the worlds (if sometimes unwanted) police force. Many people do not even realize that the health care given to our soldiers SUCKS, and the health care they get if they are the spouses of soldiers sucks. All this is easily fixable. We need lobbyists OUT of Washington, the dissolution (yes, that means END) to private insurance, and the BEST coverage for all Americans, be they here or deployed overseas OR left home to raise the family while their S/O fights, even if we agree with the motives for the war, we need to protect and support the warriors.

This is a bit rambling, but point being, once diagnosed, an insulin dependent diabetic should be able to purchase insulin (which should also be subsidized, like Chicken and MILK are) OTC without a script. This drug should be bought in such quantities by the government as to render it affordable to ALL within America based on the lowest common denominator of income, i.e. perhaps a percentage of taxable income. I am not talking about Viagra, or birth control, or cholesterol meds. I am talking about the classification of medication that are LIFE SUSTAINING. Can’t get it up? Tough. Hi Cholesterol? Tough (although this COULD be considered life sustaining, you will not die for sure within 2 weeks if you stop taking it). Birth control? Tough. Condoms, or buy it out of pocket, cause you ain’t gonna die if you don’t get laid, although for some it might seem this way.

My children will DIE if they do not have insulin. There is little I would not do to provide it. I should not even have to THINK about this. Let’s get it done. Call/write/think. National Healthcare NOW!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, Dean. I’m baffled by the resistance to universal health care (calling socialized medicine really gets ’em going, doesn’t it?!) in the US. Perhaps the rich always feel like they’re one benefit away from having the masses storm their personal Bastilles and so they, through powerful lobbyists, fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo. Why a nation with so much potential is willing to let so many go without basic services is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, the Canadian system is not without fault but I enjoy the freedom of not wondering EVERY DAY how my children will stay alive for another month.
    Gather the huddled masses and fight, Dean. At some point you have to win.

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