Took my camera ‘out’ for the first time in about 3 weeks.

Can’t find my charger, but I am sure it will turn up. Or maybe it will Rutabaga. Took a hundred or so pics, nothing exciting. Watched the Tigers get totally out pitched by Texas. I thought a lot about a lot of heavy, big things. Not like trucks or elephants, but like love, and respect, history, time. I did actually have one chunk o fmy day today where I was daydreaming about this buttery French organic Goat Cheese based Feta I had in Tucson….but most other things were heavy. I have no idea why any of this compelled me to make a blog entry..maybe just to get back to trying to post. Returned the POS Speck ipad case I bought in Tucson last week. The elastic binder on it snapped after one week. The thing was $40.00! The one I had for my iPad 1 was $10 bucks on Amazon, was leather, and other than being worn, it works perfectly. I am all for buying the ‘right’ thing once, and maybe spending a little more, but it is nice to find something that is undervalued and get a great deal on it once in a blue monday.

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