When did Protect and Serve turn into To Judge and Punish?

The pepper spray incident at University of California Davis really has me pissed. Over the past few years, I have seen an increasing amount of police doing disproportionally violent things to either people being stopped, searched, questioned, etc. Now, people sitting down, in quiet protest have had their mouths held open and pepper spray shot down them. This on the heels of images from all over of Occupy people sitting with police dragging them off, kneeling on necks. This after the murders of citizens post Katrina. This after numerous squad car camera taped beatings. This after squad car camera video of one cop telling a guy he should have drawn his 40 and executed him right there.

The PROTECT and SERVE. When did it turn into To Judge and Punish?

I am not that good at staying calm when stuff like this happens. I start think of retaliation, eye for an eye vengeance.I have said before, multiple times, that I think being a cop is an almost impossible job, but, they are trained to stay calm, to NOT lose their cool, to NOT act in the manner that a minority of them are acting in. The police can only save them selves from being distrusted by an entire demographic of people if they start weeding out these hot heads. If they do not, sooner or later, it is going to get ugly. Cops will start getting shot, beaten or killed. Most will not deserve (and yes, I do believe that some of them deserve a taste of their own medicine so to speak) it one bit. But, if the police who protect their police brothers DO NOT act to get these neanderthals out of the police force, they are as good as guilty themselves. So, police, get control of these crazies. Get them out. If that was my kid whose mouth was held open and pepper spray was put down, there is not much that could keep me from coming after the individual who did it to my child. When you see one of the people you work with brutalize another human being, remember, there are limits as to what the normal folks will stand for. You are approaching that limit now. Stop it before it goes powderkeg. I am very pro police, and think most of them are good guys doing a great service in a crazy world, but, they are supposed to be above doing the things they are doing. I for one am sick of watching the near daily incidents. I just don’t think the country needs a civil war, or riots, but that is what I feel coming if a few more of these things happen.

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  1. They take their cue from the government of the United States, and that government has shown time and time again, especially since Bush pretty much revoked our civil rights with his scummy ‘patriot act’, that it doesn’t give a flying *uck about human rights. It cares about the rights of the ruling class. the rights of big oil, big pharmaceutical, big bank… big business. IT no longer serves the ‘people’ who the police are sworn to serve and protect… so why should the police serve them? There’s no real disincentive to violence because the powers that be won’t punish them for it. On the contrary, they will most likely be praised and rewarded. It has to start at the top. And it won’t.

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