Buy the iPad.

A friend emailed me today to ask me what she should buy? Should she wait for the price of the iPad to come down or buy a Kindle?

Now, knowing that most ( and she) knows that a Kindle is not an iPad, but an iPad CAN be a Kindle, and as a long time iPad owner, I say get the best deal you can when you are ready, and buy the damned iPad.

People ask me this stuff all the time. It is like they want me to validate their own phobias about spending money. You are asking the wrong guy. I believe that people innately KNOW what they want, but for some bullshit reason, won’t allow themselves the freedom to buy the thing they covet. An iPad is not a NEED thing. It is a WANT thing. No one NEEDS an iPad. You need food, shelter, transportation, but you can live totally happily without an iPad. So, when the time comes to lay down your cash or charge it whatever, haggling with yourself over $200 seems silly to me. We piss through $200 now like nothing. It is one weeks worth of food for a family. When you are down in this price range, I say, you OWE it too yourself to get what you want when you want it IF you have the means and it is not going to impact your life or the lives of people who depend on you. I know it is popular to say money and possessions do not buy happiness. People who have never been happy when they bought something they wanted don’t exist. Everyone has bought something at some point that actually changed their mood, made them happier. If you can do it, do it.

The next thing I get asked about all the time are laptops. Ugh.

Buy a macbook, whichever you can afford. The cheapest Macbook is better than 99% of the PC laptops out there. Most of the PC laptops are junk with a 2 years life span TOPS. I typically will replace my laptop once every year or so by selling my current macbook and buying another. I had posted last year that I calculated my cost to own a macbook at $14 per month. It might not have been 100% accurate, but ballpark, I lose about $150-200 on my Macbooks. When I sell them, they are in perfect condition, I upgrade to the next model, max the Ram out and use it. This year is the first year I have not done that, and that is primarily due to my layoff this summer. So, if you are looking for a laptop, and want the best experience you can have IMHO, get a low end Macbook. The $300-500 PC’s are ok, but they are very much disposable.

The bottom line is, if you can get what you want, DO get what you want. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.


  1. I agree, if you want something and can afford it. Don’t fret about it.

    If you wait for an iPad to get cheaper all that will happen is that you get more iPad for the same amount of money. The same thing happens with the computers. The price of a base Macbook doesn’t change it just gets better. If you want cheaper you had to get a used machine.

    Apple has changed this approach with the iPhones though. Now you can buy a brand new, three year old iPhone3GS.

  2. Thanks for this “rant”. I not sure why you are on my Goodreads “Friends List” but you are and we have a couple friends in common… I went to your blog and found just what I needed! a posiive “reason” to get an ipad. I don’t know if I would like an e-reader but I might and I know I want to be able to take my “computer stuff” out of my office sometimes.
    When I get the ipod i probably won’t be able download in the comfort of my home. My phone/hotspot connection limits the amount of data I can use for $50 so downloading podcasts at a WI/FI coffee shop or library would help. The fact that I live in an area that still does not have up to date internet and cell connection but I still pay the high price for service is a crime. (rant, rant!)

    I’ve been happy with my Apple products and thinking that I need an iphone too. I can’t always hear people real well and I’m thinking that it’s not me, it is these free phones you get with your 2 year contracts. What do you think?

    You haven’t posted for a while so maybe you won’t get this. Is your music available somewhere? I would sacrifice some of my GB data space to listen. Or maybe I’ll get an ipad for my birthday and I can go into town and download it worry free!

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