Amazon seller account under review. After being a seller for less than 24 hours AND not having sold anything. Oh, and when you DO sell, we are keeping your money for up to 30 days.

What follows is my appeal letter to them. I opened an Amazon seller account on Thursday night. by Friday afternoon, I received an email stating that my ‘seller practices’ were ‘under review’ and that my funds would be held for up to 30 days. Now, not even 24 hours had elapsed since I OPENED the account. I listed 10 things. Nothing had sold. No emails, nothing. I have been a PRIME member for years. I freaking LOVE Amazon. but, this, REALLY pissed me off. I ended up spending about 45 minutes on the phone with a very calm, nice young lady from North Dakota who works for Amazon ( Angelita). After she listened to me rant, and I made sure she understood, I know was not personally ‘to blame’, she explained that there is some arbitrary ‘seller velocity’ I had exceeded. She could not tell me what that number or dollar amount were. But at least, in some small way it made sense. I think, the person who is in charge of approving this outbound email should lose their job. If Amazon were like Craigslist, and I got to sell free using the large presence on the web, then, I pretty much have to suck it up and take what I get. But when I am being charged a seller fee, that makes me a CUSTOMER as well as implying that we are in effect business partners. You don’t do this to partners, unless you want them to NOT be your partner any longer. it is pretty damned simple. How do I end up under review having not sold a damn thing? How can they take my money immediately (one click! Account set up is easy!) and take 30 damn days to review? Why? because them holding my funds times thousands of others equals theft. They collect my interest by holding my funds..It is essentially the Superman 3/Office Space hack in reverse. All my pennies, pooled with all the other pennies, then 30 days of time in an Amazon mutual fund, and hey, profit!. Theft is what I call it. One of these days, I am going to attend a TED conference. And when I do, I am going to find Bezos (who is a HERO) and make him listen to this. If he won’t, i am least gonna dump my coffee on his crotch so it looks like he pissed himself :). My appeal is prolly not gonna get me anywhere, cuz, I ain’t really appealing as much as I am telling the this sucks, they mishandled it, and I view it as a unethical practice. If they kill my account, who cares. If not, maybe one of the hive mind brains will learn something- you don’t screw your customers OR partners.

This review is ridiculous. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with support yesterday. I JUST opened the account, and I get an email saying my account is under review for ‘seller practices’. Whoever is responsible for the wording in this email, should be fired. Walked out of the building. After talking to your customer rep, she explained the ‘velocity’ metric (which should have been in the email) and the dollar limit that is assigned (which should have been in the email). Why don’t you instead look at my BUYING history from you. Thousands of dollars, few returns, PRIME account holder. The entire thing did nothing other than piss me off. I had not even had time to process, package or ship the orders I received! After receiving your ‘review’, I put the brakes on processing my outbound orders until I got to the bottom of it. This does not even get into the ‘timeframe’ of your review. You put me under review after having an account for less than 24 hours. Then you tell me that it takes you 30 days to “REVIEW” my account AND you will hold MY FUNDS for 30 days? The only thing I was thinking was this WHAT THE FUCK? And yes, an expletive is warranted here. Amazon bumbled this so badly, that it has me rethinking my prime membership, buying here, my kindle purchases, everything. That is how badly people get pissed off when you tell them after 24 hours that you are going KEEP THEIR MONEY for 30 while they REVIEW my account, which at the time HAD NOT EVEN SOLD ANYTHING!. If you can setup my account in 15 minutes, have a ‘one click buy’ button, you sure as shit better be able to ‘review’ an account just as quickly, and when you DO review an account, you sure as shit better give a better explanation in the blind, unexpected email a seller receives. I am leveraging your internet footprint to sell my items,but, Amazon is not doing it out of the ‘goodness of their heart’, Amazon is charging for this service, so we are PARTNERS. This PARTNER is pissed off because you did this, the WAY you did it, and the general lack of regard for my position in this. All this said, I LOVE Amazon. I am a goddamned Amazon cheerleader most times. But this situation stuck a pin in it. How you proceed will let me decide whether I buy even a pencil from Amazon or continue on.


  1. I totally agree with every word! I am in an identical situation except I have been selling for about a year and a half. As I started selling full time over the past couple of months and my sales spiked, I suddenly received the dreaded “account review” message.

    Evidently my prime buying status and numerous purchases over the years don’t account for much. While sellers won’t leave feedback (unlike eBay), the few who do have left a 100% rating. There have been no complaints and no returns.

    It has been two weeks and over $6,500 of my money is being held and I am expected to still ship items! This is nonsense… and definitely not good business sense.

    This secretive review process is the worst business experience I have ever had. Amazon’s lack of response and vague response is eventually going to reap bad repercussions for them as a company.

  2. Here, here!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Ok, so a different situation in that i’ve been a seller for just over a month but still the same principle. I have just had the same email after selling a large amount of toys in a very short time after setting my seller account up (no s**t Sherlock! At Christmas … who’d have thought it!?!) I’m furious beyond belief. I have collected those toys all year whenever offers are on and have finally got myself in a position to set up an online shop and sell a few on amazon to get me noticed… and they do this. All i’m trying to do is earn enough money to start up in a business venture of my own so I don’t have to go out and work so darn hard and miss out on my kids growing up. Why are they treating people like this? Back to Ebid and Ebay it is then!

  3. Same here, setup account, sold a blueray player, sold a tv then accidentally (whilst out using a so called smart phone) cancelled an order instead of changing stock level to zero because i have sold the rest elswhere, and now im under review and my £550 is in their pocket for 30 days. There is no one to speak to as there is no number and when I email to ask what they are actually reviewing, they respond with an obviousely scripted standard email telling you to read some section of their FAQ, which when you do read tells you you are under review which could take upto 30 days…… I agree Sack the silly sod who wrote this email and designed their conning policies then sling him in jail for earning profits off our cash! May I point out that the cash they are holding was earned before I made the silly mistake, not after, so Whey are they keeping it?? I agree with everything you said there, I too have spent a fortune on Amazon yet they treat us like scum! E-bay dont do this, if you have issues you call em up and they sort you out there and then.

  4. Absolutely horrible unless you less more than 40 products for pro merchent account you wont make money. as a regular seller if you price your stuff under 10 dollars for anything you’ll end up owing amazon and FBA for their fees. FBA is when you ship stuff to amazon and then FBA will charge you fees also. HORRIBLE DO NOT SELL ON AMAZON!!

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