Whatcha been Dwon?

My blog is like a back alley coffee shop no one knows about. There is Wifi. The Coffee is good. There are only 2 tables, and the Barista (coffee maker person) is indifferent. But, it is quite and occasionally funny.

So- On my mind.

1) The new version of iMovie does not seem to be as good as the old version. Apple is on a mini-trend of the new stuff being less useful than the old. Stop that shit.

2) Windows 8. No touch screen? It is the devil. Touchscreen? Semi-useless whore. But functional. No start button? That decision maker gets a bullet to the head. This is akin to carmakers moving the steering wheel to the trunk. Win X key? Right. Homegroups? WTF? Are we writing a paper about summer camp? Now you have Microsoft logins, local logins, workgroups, homegroups and domains. I do not hate Microsoft. They have a disproportionate number of geniuses who are unfortunately being directed by a small group of Pointy Headed Douche Wads. Get out of the way of the engineers.

3) The CMA awards. Just like the Grammys, now unwatchable. Now in the thick of middle age, ‘awards’ shows to me are useless, but, many things that I sued to live for I now find generally useless, and many things I thought were useless are precious. So it goes.

4) Number lists. A good way to start writing in your blog again.

5) Citimortgage. Suck it. Except for Tammy W. and Kris M. What exactly is going on with the banks in America? Why is is hard to buy a house, but easy to get a TV too big to fit in most houses?

6) The Newsroom fucking rocks it hard. My GF and I binge watched the first 2 seasons last week. I was somewhat honored when she said Will was the first TV character that was somewhat like me. I am far funnier and more lovable, but according to her ‘have some prickish qualities’. Guilty. Of all the episodes, my favorite piece was the last one, when then former Romney campaign manager questions Will on his RINO status. I could not have said it better.

7) 3 weeks from now, it is Thanksgiving. Read that again. Blink twice, and it is Black Friday. Stay home that day.

8) Enough for now.

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