Jon Stewart, Teacher.

I cannot believe he is done. 
Historically, (for me) this is up there with Cronkite retiring, the last episode of MASH, and a few other instances were an era of media ended that became a marker in my own life. 
All of us, everyday, deal with bullshit. My week was full of it, and I am sure yours was too. Many times, the bullshit overwhelmed(s) me. Most times, I could turn on Jon Stewart and he and his staff were able to detect, disassemble and explain what was underneath in a way that my brain might be able to do, if it weren’t plugged with day to day bullshit. And while doing so, make me actually laugh out loud (rather than type lol) while informing me of important things, a characteristic I associate not with comedy, but, with the best…….teachers….

Happy Trails, Sensei.—three-different-kinds-of-bulls–t

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