Are you part of the problem?

I watched this, and feel rage and heartbreak. All the idiocy claiming this President is stupid, or somehow unclear, is just that, idiocy. 
He perfectly articulates what the root of this issue is. We need to get our officials to act. We. Us. 
We have to show ID to buy decongestants, but not bullets. If you think that is ok, you are an idiot. 

If you support the NRA and their current leader and that agenda, you an idiot and part of the problem. 

And by idiot, I mean clinically mentally simple or in denial of overwhelming facts indicating that minor changes to the methods we can get guns can be highly effective. 

I have had multiple personal instances of gun violence. Lost people. Family wounded. Had weapons pointed at me. This has to stop. We have to TRY. 

And once again, the “good guy with a gun” was not quite fast enough. 

What a heartbreaking mess. How many more will we endure before we snap and do something? 45 school shootings this year.

Forty Five. More than one every two weeks. Meanwhile, we hold congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood, which the right claims costs lives. I want Lapierres stupid bought and paid for ass on that hot seat. 

Where is the political agenda flowchart that spells out when lifes are disposable through pandering policies? 

I digress. Don’t ban guns. Make them as tough to buy as Claritin. That is the starting point.

Today is Now

With the flood of thoughts about what today is…….
Be aware of the person sitting closest to you right now.

Smile at them.

Call someone you love and say hi.

Make someone laugh.

Play music.

All these things, all these moments.

Inhabit them.

Today reminds us in a big way that they are a blink away from memory.

Life is now

NOW is yours.

U of M Medequip


What the fuck? 

My sons doctor did not sign paperwork, so you are going to send me a bill for? Has he been healed? Did you supply the products? Are rhey covered? 

Fuck. You. 

If your internal system is so fucked up that you cannot get your own paperwork together, not my problem. Fuck you.

If you bill my insurance, they will pay. Fuck you.

15 years I have been dealing with you. It has to stop. 

Fucking Fireworks

I am so effing done with effing fireworks. My dogs are freaking out, I have headphones on and had no clue there were fireworks.
Why do we blow shit up to celebrate having to blow people and shit up, traumatizing the folks who had to blow the shit up in the first place AND probably had friends blown up?
It is time to re-evaluate this. Replace fireworks with kick ass laser show and free beer. Net gain.

Disjointed Thoughts On Robin Williams

At 48 years old, one does not expect to cry when a celebrity dies. 

At 48 years old, one is supposed to be “over that”.

One year ago today, I pulled my car over and cried for 20 minutes, after hearing of Robin Williams death by suicide. 

It made me ache. All I thought was “no”. 

A year later, all the memes, posts about depression, beautiful rememberences, video clips, and his movies….I still cannot believe he is gone. 

I think of his children. I think of the roles as an old man he would have been so wonderful at. I think ” if I could have CALLED him….I could have saved him”, as if he were a neighbor I failed to visit.

Millions of arms would would have given anything to hold him, and tell him, it will be ok. 

Please stay.

He chose to go. 

I cannot pretend to be ok with that, but, I understand. 

We could not save him. Only he could. 

I get sad about it, and then start finding irony. Donald Trump lives. No Robin. Dick Cheney lives. No Robin. Per William Munny; “Deserves’ got nothing to do with it.”. i eventually start to laugh, my inner monologue becoming him, in crazy, manic voices. I smile.

I can’t really watch his movies yet. I will eventually. In this man, I sensed such kindness, empathy, joy, and REAL sensitivity.. I felt that the man we saw in the movies was the way he likely was. Gentle. Funny. Kind. 

Missed. So. Missed.