Seeing the big picture by getting small.

Last Monday was spent at a botanical garden in Ann Arbor.

Here, I tried out my new Opteka extension tubes, which all my camera to get even tighter shots on small things.

I started first by trying to focus on the small minds of the Republican media, but even the mighty Canon 7D with a nice 1.8 lens could not see anything worth discussing there, so I instead went on to flowers…simple, awesome, intricate flowers…I am not there yet as a macro photographer, maybe I will never get there, but the first day of the journey left me excited, exhausted and with a couple dozen pics that I was reasonably proud of. This is not really one of them, but, I liked the color. Deal with it..:)

Hell week, otherwise known as the first week of school is over, I survived without being lynched, made progress in some ways, and was sad in others because the cost of said progress was given at the expense of something more progressive than what replaced it…Ce la vie.

One day, I may get to make the decisions, and then, I will listen to the smart people around me when they tell me what they need to be effective at their jobs rather than choosing what I like most and jamming it down their throats.

The orchard continues to grow, the growers, pickers and eaters are happy and productive, and we are now damned to a beet farm, less the humor of Dwight and his idiot brother. I look longingly back at the Orchard taking little solace at my small grove at home. Now, it serves primarily as a reminder of the beets I have to eat and tend at work.

Woz can dance..We hope

Dancing with the Stars. I have watched ONE episode. The one with Warren Sapp in the finals…It was actually pretty damn impressive. Steve Wozniak and dancing are like..ummm…beer nuts and caviar…I don’t know…but I will be Tivo-ing these now, just for some time to see Woz, talk, dance, and generally be on TV at length. Andy Inhatko did a piece on this…Great insight, cept I was not a nerd in high school. I was a ‘car’ kid, but I now identify more with the Wozzes than the redneck dragster set. No matter what, this should be really, really interesting.

Mac’s go mainstream…again…

Businessweek says so, at least in this article. And a Utah college is now offering MAC course. Hell hath frozen over. With temps here being what they are, I can probably sled there now too, but that is another story.

PC’s, or rather WINDOWS based personal computers ( cause ya know PC’s mean the COMPUTER not the OS.) have generally become an impediment to productivity, creativity and enjoyment. Windows PC’s are prevalent due to inertia, not due to superiority. The crack in the Windows veneer are opening wider.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that the less time they have to spend fixing their PC, the more time they can either USE it to do the things they need it to do OR do OTHER THINGS that are not PC related. Windows 7 announced their sku’s ( bar codes/ versions) a few days back…Uggh…Listen, Microsoft…Flatten your prices, like to ONE price. Not sucking is important to, but people will still BUY your SUCK if you make it simple. People who pay attention are switching over to OSX.

Where is John Lennon Google logo?

Maybe they are doing it for his birthday…but, many people consider today a rather solemn one, remembering the day we lost our first Beatle. I fully expected a special ‘Imagine’ logo or something today from Google…

My favorite John Lyric, from Beautiful Boy is “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. I hear that, this week especially.

Reviewing a $10,000 laptop at work

A Dell M6400. As outfitted, close to 10K. It crashed 3 times this afternoon loading software updates, Spore, and Adobe CS4. I’d rather have a Macbook. I have one of these to try as well, and it makes my 5 month old WhiteMacbook seem slow and old. Amazing.

Oh yeah…the Dell is pretty big too, as in set-your-coffee-table-book about coffee tables on it big.

I don’t get it. Maybe I am getting old and jaded, but I want something that is the right size, flexible, stable and a good value. At work, things keep careening towards Windows At All Costs, damn the licensing fees and long term recurring costs..sigh.