Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing 20 Years Later

20 years ago, the Oklahoma bombing took place. I was working at Penterra (petroleum brokerage) in Kansas City at the time and we had a live news feed. As soon as it hit, oil prices started to climb, and speculation immediately went to “Arab Terrorist”. Turns out it was white American asshole(s). 

A year or so later, I went there (OKC) for business and stood outside that building, still as it was, but fenced off with toys and stuffed animals fastened to the wall. The enormity of that bomb was evident in a way that all the media coverage did not convey. It was heart breaking.

Later the same day, I went to the grocery in town. The woman ringing me up asked where I was from ( my Michigan accent), mentioned the site and asked if I had seen it. I said yes, and it had hit me harder than I thought. I choked up, and she started to cry a little. She took my hand, apologized for crying and told me to enjoy the rest of my visit. 

The cart kid walked near me as I left and said “she lost her granddaughter in the bombing” and walked past me. 

How you push past things like that is beyond me, but, at some point today, a minute of reflection on that event and who now surrounds you is a minute well spent. 

In a blink it can all change.