Yakking up things after Thanks-taking

Bloated? Pace yourself? Failed miserably? Yes, I did all three, but, I had the BEST Pumpkin Pie I have ever had thanks to SJ.

Sitting around later, expending as little energy and movement as possible, I remembered something that I had strong intent about years ago. Building my own kayak from a kit. I might actually entertain the idea again. I recently priced the DEMO of a boat my son and I paddled on DEMO over the summer, and it was $1600, weighs 100 pounds empty, and might be prone to warping/bowing. Chesapeake Light Craft make very nice kits. I used to know them, and I believe Pygmy ( back in 3 seconds via google..) …yep..them…So, the linked boat, that is the one I am thinking about, especially after finding an article on how to make numerous cheap clams to hold the pieces together while things set up. Could be interesting, and fun. Now to find the money.