Mac’s go mainstream…again…

Businessweek says so, at least in this article. And a Utah college is now offering MAC course. Hell hath frozen over. With temps here being what they are, I can probably sled there now too, but that is another story.

PC’s, or rather WINDOWS based personal computers ( cause ya know PC’s mean the COMPUTER not the OS.) have generally become an impediment to productivity, creativity and enjoyment. Windows PC’s are prevalent due to inertia, not due to superiority. The crack in the Windows veneer are opening wider.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that the less time they have to spend fixing their PC, the more time they can either USE it to do the things they need it to do OR do OTHER THINGS that are not PC related. Windows 7 announced their sku’s ( bar codes/ versions) a few days back…Uggh…Listen, Microsoft…Flatten your prices, like to ONE price. Not sucking is important to, but people will still BUY your SUCK if you make it simple. People who pay attention are switching over to OSX.