Vinyl LP’s making a comeback

From LA Times article and my personal experience. A few days ago, I was at Noels‘ house. While talking, he fired up his premo-maxo LP rig. Zoey Deschanel was the platter of choice. It was impressive, but more so, I was caught up by the ‘air’ of the vinyl. Having grown up listening to LP’s, I realized it had been more than 25 years since I had owned a record player of any flavor. After a house fire, all my LP’s were destroyed. I wisely replaced them with cassettes (duh!) and then moved to CD. Vinyl never really occurred to me, as I was never really an audiophile. After the Zoey D LP was done ( both SIDES!) Noel broke out Steely Dan Gaucho. The hair on my arms stood up. It just sounded SO gooooooooood….It was alive, breathing in my ear like a certain red headed cutie I know. I was turned on. Compared to the crunchy snap of digital everything, this was a soft fuzzy blanket of audio goodness. A friend has offered me a turn table. I need to get my ass over and pick it up.