Jimmy Carter has a degree in Physics, yet….

Settle down. Obama won. Most people I know are happy, the others are waiting to start the “see-see, I told you he would/wouldn’t BS.” Thinking about how Bush may be our generations Nixon (Nixon was a WAY smarter man) and Obama might fit as Carter ( Ford does not really count, as he was the Dan Quayle to Nixon, i.e. a non-entity). My hope is that Obama beats all expectations. Jimmy Carter is one of the smartest Presidents we have had. Yet,  in most circles, his Presidency is considered an abject failure, even though he accomplished some very visionary things during his term. He continues to work tirelessly on a variety of admirable things and occasionally drops a book on us that gets everyone talking about tough subjects.

My hope is, Obama can out think and bridge things politically that Carter was not able to do, and Obama can do it with enough velocity to carry him into an even more successful 2nd term. I have not in my adult life been truly excited for a man to take office. Even as I draw this comparison to another ex President that I personally admire greatly but many cannot stand, I am so full of opitmism about Obama that I cannot see how he will fail unless WE fail him.