The $100 Insulin Pump

We have had the $100 laptop.

Cell phones are damn near free and contain INCREDIBLE levels of electronics and tech.

Why can I not get an insulin pump for my 2 diabetic boys for $100? I am not believing the technology is not there to support that price point. A week ago, I watched a ton of TED conferences, and since I can’t speak at TED ( yet), my dream idea for the world right now is the $100 insulin pump.

8% of ALL Americans are Diabetic, either Type 1 or Type 2. There are dramatic differences in the two main types (there are subtypes of each), but the main thing is, Type 1 is an autoimmune disease, Type 2 is typically a lifestyle disease ( overweight, diet, etc). the risks for each health wise, and the costs of dealing with it are similar.

An Insulin Pump is in effect a robotic pancreas. The user has to learn to calibrate it to his or her metabolism and diet, but a pump is THE most effective way to keep diabetes under control for most sufferers, which in turn lowers their short and long term health risks and costs. Insulin Pumps currently cost between $3500 to roughly $8000, and few insurers will cover this cost. They are not only expensive to purchase, but they are expensive to replace.They seem rather delicate given our ability to make phones that can survive hammer impacts and immersion in water. Unless I am missing something, an insulin pump is nothing more than a fluid delivery systems with a digital control interface on it, and a flow that is calibrated by the interface.  If this were a Nintendo Controller, there would be 20 knockoffs at Target for $29.99. Is the cost liability? Patents? I do not care. I want a $100 insulin pump. And, just in case you are a smart ass, I want one that EXCEEDS the capabilities of the current top models, is weather proof, shock proof, and generally ruggedized, with a USB interface on it. If you know some one who can build one, send them this post.